Gagarin SRL is a brand new company settled in Milan by Franco Bocca Gelsi.

Gagarin aims to become a Co-production crossing point for international project 

which wants to interpret the cultural, technological and economic 

transformations of nowadays cinema and documentary market, creating operas 

able to give voice to the emerging authors with a high artistic level of 


Gagarin gives also importance to the strong connection with its local cultural 

contest (the “Grande Milano”) trying to came out from the isolation in which the 

Milano’s cinema and documentary pros are today, pushing them to find new 

goals into the national and international market.  




-La Festa 2011 90 min, feature film by Simone Scafidi

-Blind maze 2009 85Min, feature Film by Heather Parisi. Produced by Ihcnam,

executive production by Orda d’Oro Film, co-executive producer Ardaco. In

search of distribution

-Fuga dal Call Center (Escape from the call center) 2008 100 min, feature

film by Federico Rizzo. Produced by Gagarin scarl/ Ardaco srl distribuited by

Orda D’oro. Festival , Prize “Agave di Cristallo”; Prize “Agave di Cristallo” Best

Dialogue, 2009, Lodi Città Film Festival (festival) Prize “Adda d’Oro” Best First

Opera Italia, 2009; Clorofilla Film Festival (festival) Prize Best Actor (Angelo

Pisani) Prize Best Film, 2009; Mantova Film Fest (festival) Prize Best Film

“Schermi del Visibile”, 2009; Sguardi di Cinema Italiano (festival) Studet’s Prize.

Nomination: 2010; 2009; Ciak d’Oro: Nomination “Mini Bello&Invisibile”,

Nomination Best First Opera

-LEstate d’Inverno (Summer in winter) 2007 70Min feature film by Davide

Sibaldi. Produced by Ardaco srl and Orda d’Oro Film.

Festival Awards: The European Independent Film Festival – Best Actress (Pia

Lanciotti), Film Of The Festival. Lake County Film Festival Audience Award,

Best Narrative Feature.

-Fame Chimica (The Munchies) 2003 97Min feature film by Antonio Bocola

and Paolo Vari. Produced by Coop Gagarin/UBU Film/Cisa Service

(Lugano)/TSI/Tele+ Lucky Red distribution, Buyed by Sky. Festival: Quality

prize of Ministero dei Beni Culturali; Biennale di Venezia 2003 – Section: Nuovi

Territori; Prize Dolly d’Oro as Best director by Associazione Giuseppe De Santis

in 2004; Best Film, Best Actor e Audience award at Annecy Italian Film Festival;

Nomination at David of Donatello as Best Emerging Director and Best original

Song; Nomination at Nastri d’argento as Best Emerging Director, Best

Soundtrack and Best Sound ; Copenhagen International Film Festival (2004,

European Talentspotting); Göteborg Film Festival (2004): Section: Little Italy);

Festival International du film d’amour de Mons (2005:Panorama);

Mittelcinemafest (2005: Panorama); Shangai Film Fest (2005: Panorama).



-L´ultimo Pastore (The Last Shepherd) 2011 84 min, documentary by Marco

Bonfanti. Produced by Gagarin scarl and BB-Production.

-“The Ring’s way” 2010 54 Min Documentary by Daniele Azzola, produced by

Ester production, Ardaco, Orda d’Oro Film.

-Red Line 2009 52Min documentary by Enzo Coluccio and Franco Bocca Gelsi,

produced by Ardaco srl and Orda d’Oro Film. Presented at Triennale of Milano

and Cinema’s House of Rome, co-produced by Coop Italia and Comune

of Milano.

The importance of shocking ”Gualtiero Jacopetti” 2009 90Min

documentary by Andrea Bettinetti, produced By Orda d’Oro Film and

Invisibile Film, sponsored By Provincia of Milano




-La Linea Gotica (The Gothic Line) 90 min, feature film by Stefano Giulidori.

Prod by Gagarin, Noura Film, and Gamp Film.

-Quanto costa la ragazza (Betting The Girl), 90 min, feature film by Paolo

Angelini. Prod by Ardaco srl and Gagarin srl.

-La legge del Rugby (The Rugby Law) 90 min, feature film by Donato Pisani,

director of Tv serie Vivere prodded by Rai Television. Prod by Ardaco srl and

Gagarin scarl.

-Offline 20 min,short film by Emanuela Mascherini.

-Non si scherza con il diavolo, 90 min, feature film by Paolo Angelini. Prod by

Gagarin srl, Orione Cinematografica, Maxman Coop, Ruvido Produzioni and


-Skeleton Arcadia Conquers The Universe 12 min, 10 short films by Marco

Bolognesi and Elena Invernizzi. Prod by Gagarin srl.

-Love And Other Strangers, 75 min, feature film by Regiana Queiroz. Prod by

Gagarin srl.

-Popping Candy, 90 min, feature film by Serena Corvaglia. Prod by Gagarin srl.

-Amore Gelido, 97 min, feature film by Nicola Telesca. Prod by Gagarin srl.

-Due Volte Al Minuto, 92 min, feature film by Roberto Palmieri. Prod Gagarin srl.

-Petalos Y Espinas, 90 min, feature film, screenplay by Andea Bauab, directed

by Fabiana Sargentini. Produced by Ardaco srl and Gagarin srl, co-production

between Italy, Spain (in search of coproducer), Argentina (Costa Film) and

Brasil (Isa Albuquerwue).